Originals Only


While sharing our inspiration and works online, we like the idea of the final artwork becoming part of your (work) life, exclusively. All the visual artworks for sale are originals only, never editions. All the artworks are available for collection on a made to order basis, either from the crafted collection or as a bespoke commissioned work. This process ensures that we work in a sustainable way, as the printing and framing only commences once an artwork has been ordered. We don’t waste any materials or resources. We’ll give you our full attention when meeting your wishes for the selection, production and shipping of your artworks. 




Like many children of the 70’s, Mamakan grew up with LEGO. The LEGO blocks always fitted each other and could build tiny models or mega-large constructions, creativity being the main driving force. Likewise, each original artwork is printed and framed with a 60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 inch) museum grade panel of acrylic and aluminium. Combined, the panels create wall installations called constellations, ranging from the smallest of two panels to the largest of x panels (your imagination sets the limit!). Each constellation can be mounted vertically, horizontally or in a square to fit any wall space or even combined with other constellations, allowing collectors to play with their own space, creativity and personal expression. As such, the collector/owner becomes an active co-creator.


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