Mamakan is known for her immersive and sensorial art installations involving touch, taste, smell and sound. While still embracing the physical experience, we also acknowledge its limitations. Sensorial exhibitions are for a time only. Museums and galleries have limited geographical reach. Making art more accessible to the world to enjoy is important to us. Once you experience the botanical treasures that inspire our work, we hope you’ll join us on our journey of (re)connecting people to nature. This is why we have decided to present most of our art online, on this website and on our social media channels. Sharing stories is at the heart of human nature. Have you ever left a contemporary art exhibition, thinking: “what does it mean to me?”. To experience a deep personal connection with art, we believe an emotional and sensorial spark is important. We’ve captured that spark in the stories of the beautiful botanicals that inspire our daily practice, and created immersive virtual art experiences for you to explore and enjoy: viewing rooms with video, soundscapes and visual artworks, as well as deeper stories of art & botany for those of you who love a longer read. The crafted collection is available for online collection and purchasing. After you’ve ordered one or more artworks to be exclusively made, our team will make sure you'll receive them timely, working at the highest quality standards of fine art printing, framing and shipping.




Our studio artists love to make bespoke work as well, either by private, commercial or public commission. The joint effort of creating one or more original artworks, entirely based on your wishes, combined with our artistic vision and creative input, is truly inspirational to us. The process of creating bespoke commissions starts with deep level conversations with you. What inspires you? What kind of experience would you like the artwork to invoke? What are the space and technical requirements? Once these conversations are done, we will present you with several idea proposals, often over several encouters which can be both online or offline. Once we have reached the final proposal, it is time for production and installation. The whole process is guarded with the highest level of confidentiality.


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