An investment in art should provide you with an exciting, original creative add-on to embellish your home or workspace. You will, undoubtedly, also be looking at the artworks provenance, authenticity and valuation. 


The current and future value of artworks depends on many factors, some of them personal, as in the case of inheriting a family piece. Especially in times of financial uncertainty, you might want to ascertain an objective valuation of your investment and of its potential financial return. It's about trust. We value establishing trust in the collection of our art, for you, as a collector.


Christie's of New York/London has given an objective valuation of the potential auction value for one of our studio's most prominent and well-loved artworks, "Kohekohe Love".

This valuation of high reputation was done in 2019, for the international "Wisdom and Nature" exhibition.


Some of our biggest artwork constellations have been commissioned by globally renowned museums and have been subject to their curators professional selection and careful scrutiny.





Every artwork constellation comes with a unique "Certificate of Authenticity", signed by Mamakan. All photographic panels carry a unique, custom designed label with the artist signature on the back, to enable easy verification of authenticity and originality.


We collaborate with renowned global partners that are respected and fully certified for making your unique artwork come to life at high grade quality. The artworks are finished with Diasec TruLife acrylic glass, which is approved by art museums and guarantees a long life span. The acrylic's unique refraction properties emphasize colour contrast and detail, giving your artwork a stunning finish and visual pop. The finish is 99% UV-resistant, anti-reflective and long lasting. 


We are open to answering any of your questions around valuation, provenance, authenticity and certification, while we engage in making your collecting experience truly special.


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