The Art of Foraging Gift Card

Child (6-16 yrs)

This is your gift to join a walk of sensory storytelling held on 72 seclusive acres of private land in Titirangi, Auckland. During each guided 3 hour tour, your senses will be awakened by seeing, smelling, touching and tasting seasonal native plants. 


"The Art of Foraging walk unexpectedly provided me with a very deep connection with nature. A new connection and respect for nature was awakened and it would never be the same again.” - Thomas Kuhner, Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer


“Walking in the NZ bush will never be the same again after you've done this amazing tour!” - Dany Leong, Award-winning Director and Founder of Intuitive Films,


Venue: Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School, 5 Helios Place, Titirangi, Auckland 0604


These walks are raising funds for regenerative projects and conservation of the land for the benefit of the local community. 


To find a time and date for your walk, please send your name and phone number to 0272209107 or email


The Art of Foraging Gift Card, Child (6-16 yrs)
NZD$ 29.00