Kawakawa Truffles


Taste the peppery leaves of the Kawakawa in a sweet, creamy truffle covered with fairtrade cacao. Each jar contains 25-30 hand-rolled truffles made with fresh Kawakawa leaves foraged in Parau and milk, butter and sugar. A perfect sweet treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special.


The small native tree of New Zealand is well known for its spiritual, culinary and medicinal properties. Kawakawa (Piper excelsum) is a symbol of protection and maturity. Its presence signals a high level of confidence in life, a mature confidence that is solid and rooted.


In tradition medicinal practices, Kawakawa's antimicrobial and analgesic properties makes it useful for treating infections and reducing inflammation.


  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian


Buy now and collect later at Mamakan Studio, 627 Huia Road, Parau 0604, Auckland. Free local delivery possible . If you don't live around Parau, I can arrange for a postal courier delivery to be charged at cost. 

Kawakawa Truffles, Cacao
NZD$ 25.00