Fine Art Photography

Early humans saw plants as gifts of the gods, closely associated with symbolism and ritual. The symbolism carried on well into the Renaissance of Europe, but then plant illustrations became commonly used for colonial exploration and scientific classification. 


Later, scientific drawings became largely abandoned with the invention of contemporary photography, leaving botanical illustration as a pretty and decorative art form, but somewhat without purpose or direction. Meanwhile, some Eastern traditions of botanical art stayed closer to the roots of the art form as artists tried to capture ‘the energy’ of the plants in their artworks, rather than illustrating every detail for scientific endeavours. 


Mamakan's chosen expression is to intuitively to reveal the hidden ‘energy’ of a plant, letting it express itself in its own unique way. By using photography as her medium, she proposes a pure, neutral and unfiltered experience of the plant’s unique vibration, rather than imposing her ‘human filter’ through drawing or painting.





Mamakan's process is most unusual for botanical art, as it is honouring ancient native elements of all lifeforms: the elements of the sky, the sea and the forest. These three elements form a powerful symbol penetrating most human traditions and philosophy, and she uses the elements to create a sense of dynamism and harmony. 


The process itself begins with foraging for small plant specimens from the land, the forest. Then, she brings the specimen to a studio from where she captures the plant floating in water - the sea - under the natural light of the sky. During each studio session, she uses handheld movement that allows the plant to change positions in the water, sometimes reacting to the water flow or the air bubbles, sometimes doing entirely its own thing.


The colours change according to the weather, reflecting each cloud and sun beam. The final result is rather unpredictable as the plant, water, sky and movement interact with each other. Each image is momentarily, unique and thus, can never be replicated exactly. 




Mamakan is known for her immersive and multi-sensory art installations involving touch, taste, smell and sound.  Sharing stories is at the heart of human nature. Have you ever left a contemporary art exhibition, thinking: “what does it mean to me?”. To experience a deep personal connection with art, we believe an emotional and sensorial spark is important. 




Mamakan loves to make bespoke work as well, either by private, commercial or public commission. The process of creating bespoke commissions starts with deep level conversations with you. What inspires you? What kind of experience would you like the artwork to invoke? What are the space and technical requirements?


Once these conversations are done, we will present you with several idea proposals, often over several encouters which can be both online or offline. Once we have reached the final proposal, it is time for production and installation. The whole process is guarded with the highest level of confidentiality.




An investment in art should provide you with an exciting, original creative add-on to embellish your home or workspace. You will, undoubtedly, also be looking at the artworks provenance, authenticity and valuation. 


The current and future value of artworks depends on many factors, some of them personal, as in the case of inheriting a family piece. Especially in times of financial uncertainty, you might want to ascertain an objective valuation of your investment and of its potential financial return. It's about trust. 




Every artwork constellation comes with a unique "Certificate of Authenticity", signed by Mamakan. All photographic panels carry a unique, custom designed label with the artist signature on the back, to enable easy verification of authenticity and originality.


We collaborate with renowned global partners that are respected and fully certified for making your unique artwork come to life at high grade quality. The artworks are finished with Diasec TruLife acrylic glass, which is approved by art museums and guarantees a long life span. The acrylic's unique refraction properties emphasize colour contrast and detail, giving your artwork a stunning finish and visual pop. The finish is 99% UV-resistant, anti-reflective and long lasting. 


We are open to answering any of your questions around valuation, provenance, authenticity and certification, while we engage in making your collecting experience truly special.




All the visual artworks for sale are originals only, never editions. All the artworks are available for collection on a made to order basis, either from the crafted collection or as a bespoke commissioned work. This process ensures that we work in a sustainable way, as the printing and framing only commences once an artwork has been ordered. We don’t waste any materials or resources. We’ll give you our full attention when meeting your wishes for the selection, production and shipping of your artworks. 




Like many children of the 70’s, Mamakan grew up with LEGO. The LEGO blocks always fitted each other and could build tiny models or mega-large constructions, creativity being the main driving force. Likewise, each original artwork is printed and framed with a 60 x 60 cm (24 x 24 inch) museum grade panel of acrylic and aluminium.


Combined, the panels create wall installations called constellations, ranging from the smallest of two panels to the largest of x panels (your imagination sets the limit!). Each constellation can be mounted vertically, horizontally or in a square to fit any wall space or even combined with other constellations, allowing collectors to play with their own space, creativity and personal expression.


As such, the collector/owner becomes an active co-creator.


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