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Mamakan is a botanical artist working with art, cuisine and nature. She is originally from Aarhus, Denmark of nordic Vølve-Viking decent and has deep Scandinavian roots from her Kimbri and Frisii ancestors on her father's side and Daner on her mother's side. 


Today. Mamakan is based at Velskov, a native forest farm in Parau, Auckland, New Zealand, where she creates contemporary  multi-sensory art/food installations and exhibitions.


Mamakan's art practice could best be described as 'GastroGeography' - the taste of a place which were part of the Singapore Bieenale 2016 and a solo show at the National Museum of Singpaore in 2017.


Her sensory artworks and collaborative projects amplify nature and aim to create a sense of belonging and wellbeing. 


See her full bio here.


Mamakan Oustrup Laureijs at her studio at velskov, Waitakere Ranges in Auckland.