About: Discovering the beauty of botanicals

Mamakan Studio was founded by botanical artist Mamakan in Auckland, New Zealand, in January 2020, sensing a growing need for an online extension of her sensorial museum installations. As a diverse studio team, we create contemporary botanical fine art photography, online viewing rooms and exhibitions in collaboration with architects, botanists, curators, collectors, renowned museums and art gallery spaces. 


Our vision is to (re)connect people to nature by discovering the beauty of botanicals. The discovery of botanical beauty stimulates our innate and genetically determined relationship with the natural world, known as 'biophilia'. This relationship results in a high level of emotional, mental and physiological well-being. We're on a mission to contribute to people’s well-being by opening hearts and minds for the appreciation of the world of plants. 


The crafted fine art photography collection is created in harmony with natural elements with the belief of embracing the sensorial experience. We create crafted works or made-to-order bespoke works in collaboration with our collectors. We work with the finest long lasting materials in flexible constellations and - as something unusual for fine art photography - we don't print editions, preferring the simplicity of original artworks.

Our values

We want to build a different type of company that’s focused not only on the bottom line, but also the well-being and personal growth of our clients, partners and team, along the journey. These are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:



We believe in the beauty of people and nature and the connection between them. 



We strive for real, honest and long-term relationships.



We create original and bespoke artworks, finding and sharing the new, the unseen and the unnoticed.  



We love co-creating with curators, galleries, collectors, artists, botanists, chefs, researchers, printers and other interesting people.


We utilize the strengths of each team member, client and partner and inspire each other to grow.


We work with outstanding quality in terms of premium finishings and the craft of creating contemporary botanical art.



We cherish our clients' interests and our loving and supporting studio community.



We value diversity, are committed to equality for all and recognise the contribution of volunteers within our community.


See creating, experiencing and collecting for more info.