Mamakan x Le Ciel Foundation: Wisdom and Nature : Christie's, New York and London


Update: The exhibition opened at Christie’s in New York from 28th February until  4th March 2020. For London, the exhibition will open 15th February 2021 and the auction will take place on Thursday 18th February 2021.


Le Ciel Foundation in partnership with Christie's is hosting Wisdom and Nature, a fundraising exhibition and auction taking place in New York and London. Bringing together a collection of 55 artworks generously donated by artists and galleries from around the world, Wisdom and Nature reveals experiences and perceptions of interconnectivity, the beauty of our planet and the wisdom of its people.


In 2017, Le Ciel Foundation held the first Wisdom and Nature exhibition in London, Paris and New York. Providing an insight into cultures rooted in ancestral traditions and depicting the awe-inspiring Earth on which we all live as one interconnected ecosystem, the exhibition culminated in an auction raising $300,000 in aid of the Foundation. These funds have supported the realisation of several projects, notably, a meeting of twelve wisdom tradition Elders at the United Nations in New York and the Holistic Visions Symposium 2018. Donations of $10,000 were also contributed to the communities of each of the wisdom tradition Elders who took part in The Council of Twelve and AboveFunds raised during Wisdom and Nature 2020 will support the realisation of the many exciting initiatives Le Ciel Foundation is working on. 



Adam Waymouth

Adrian Houston

Alexander Khimushin

Anouska Beckwith

Antônio Obá

Aranka Israni
Azza Fahmy
Brígida Baltar
Carlito Dalceggio
Cássio Campos Vasconcellos

Catalina Swinburn

Charlotte Leimer
Chloë Natalia

Christopher Roche

Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia

David Kassman

Delfina Muñoz de Toro

Dimas Paredes Armas

Dominic Lam
Fabrizio Giacomelli

Gaston Ugalde

Henry and Richard Hudson

Joaquín Vila
Justin Guariglia
Katy Lynton

Kito Mbiango
Llewellyn Xavier
Lucho Brieva
Lucy Temple
Malou Ericsson

Marshmallow Laser Feast

Mat Chivers

Odyssée Dao
Oliver Barnett

Paulo Nazareth

Peter Matthews

Philip Volkers

Regina Dejiménez

Roee Aminof

Roseline de Thélin

Ruben Brulat

Sidney Regis

Simon English

Sukhi Barber

Susan Derges

Takako Matoba

Tatyana Murray

Temple Jewels Ibiza

Thia Konig


About Le Ciel Foundation

Dedicated to helping people navigate a global paradigm shift, UK based charity Le Ciel Foundation addresses humanity’s separation from nature and from its true nature. Bridging the know-how and ingenuity of modernity with the wisdom of ancestral traditions, we adopt a systems change approach to catalysing both individual and collective transformation. Guided by the knowledge and values of wisdom traditions, Le Ciel Foundation is supporting the emergence of a paradigm in which people, nature and all living beings can thrive.




Jessie Balfour-Lynn

Christine Insley Green

Elizabeth Smith

Victoria Dreesmann

Alina Coughlan

Flora Fairbairn




Sophie Monpeyssen

Lucy Martens

Jessie Balfour-Lynn

Olivier Girard

Peter Giblin

Sebastian Curtis

Maciej Sedlak

Sam Evitt



Alain Rivière

Alexandra Baker

Carla Bamberger

David Goodman

David Kohl

Devin Shomaker
Duncan Walker
Ghislain Pascal
Giuseppe Ciardi
Guy Sangster
Henry Rich
Jeremy Smith
Joseph Turner
Leslie and Richard Balfour-Lynn

Marcelle Delahaye Camping

Nick Finch

Olivia Cope
Olivier Girard

Rachel Kearl

Roxane Molicchi

Sacha Lichine

Sarah Vaughan

Scott Lazerson

Sophie Monpeyssen

Stella Smith

Suzan Batur
Tinko Czetwertynski

Wendolyn Holland