Future of Cities: (Re)Connection

Mamakan, Mamakan, July 26, 2016

Recently I was invited to be part of a round table with the time of the "Future of Cities" by Future Agenda. Here is one of the top trends for 2025 that came out of our discussions.


The trend for 2025: (re)connection.

The trend for 2025: (re)connection


Wellness Sanctuaries

Today is filled with ‘scarcity’ thinking, rat races and stress. The overall feeling is one of competition and kiasu – a selfish approach. Governments are realigning objectives and responding to market forces. What is important today are 5 Cs – Cars, Credit (cards), Condos, Country Clubs and Cash.


The intensity and pace of changes around us; terrorism, stress and technology (e.g. automation) will be balanced by a need for people to (re)connect. Cities will focus on not just their success, but the longevity and happiness of city dwellers.


The transition occurring today, or that will occur, includes: emphasis on personal health and well-being, access to green spaces, a push to encourage cycling, an understanding that happiness in the workplace drives and improves productivity and staff engagement, a focus on living closer to where you work which translates to shorter commutes, government expansion of hospitals & health services, looking after the ‘pioneer generation’ and a great acceptance of flexible working arrangements.


In 2025, there will be a realignment of expectations, giving emphasis to a focus on things that matter, leading to better work/life balance and increased productivity. Cities will provide greater public access for spiritual, social and other interest groups. This spiritual dimension will allow for peaceful gatherings, gender equality, freedom of faith and inclusivity.


The new 5 Cs

With regard to the 5 Cs of today, there will be less focus on cars and a greater focus on bikes and public transport. Credit cards will be a part of a payment mix that includes cashless, bartering, reuse (second hand) and crowd funding. Having less cash in 2025 will be seen as OK. Condos will receive less emphasis and collectives will receive more attention. Country clubs are dead in 2025, instead, we will see urban farming and foraging becoming more mainstream. 


We’ll see greater connectivity, more green access, active lives and a willingness to co-share work and spaces. New 5Cs will emerge – Care, Community, Connection, Creativity and Compassion.


See more on http://www.futureagenda.org/.

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