The Incredible Hidden Life of Trees

Jocelyn Mercado, Uplift , May 25, 2016

This story just blew my mind. How amazing trees are! Read about Pando, the giant and how rain forests hold the key to our health. About black bears that are white, tree hugging and tree/human marriages in Malaysia. Don't miss the beautiful poem at the end: Natural, Sacred and Wild. 


Extract: Trees have captured the human imagination since the beginning of time. Watching their cycles of growth, shedding of leaves, and re-flowering in the spring, people have long perceived trees as powerful symbols of life, death, and renewal.


We look to them for inspiration when we need grounding energy, as their roots descending deep into the Earth remind us of our own connection to and dependence on our planet for stability and life. Trees live for hundreds or even thousands of years, and so we revere them as keepers of past secrets and sentinels of the future.

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