The Innovation Culture Canvas

Mamakan, Business Innovation Culture, January 16, 2014
Skills for the future: The Innovator's Juice (Joy, Uniqueness, Intuition, Creativity, Empathy).


As a social entrepreneur, I was deeply frustrated about the superficial support for sustainability in the business world.


Most people have good intentions, but most corporate cultures were - and still are - toxic towards both "Human Progress" and "Harmony with Nature". Perhaps it was time for me to take the bull by its horn and see if we could change the corporate culture itself? Away from the present greedy culture of anxiety, sameness, cynicism, impotence and selfishness. 


Marieke Van der Heijden and I went on a three-year journey into the hearts and minds of corporate executives and CEO's. We were brave and enthusiastic. With a small team, we took on large change management assignments. We invented a whole range of new tools, ideas and methodologies, among them the iconic Innovation Culture Canvas and The Innovator's Juice (Joy, Uniqueness, Intuition, Creativity, Empathy).  


The methodology of the five pillars of culture caught fire, resonated and became accepted as one of the exciting new tools in culture change management. 

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