Farm to Table, Farm to Beauty, and Farming in the City!

Funan SG, September 30, 2017
 The showsuite of the upcoming Funan SG is a great use of what is usually a dead space, with workshops, residencies and community events that give a little taster to what the new mall is going for. Brunch Bandits will be there on the 30th of September making sharing how to make teas with local flowers and herbs like Blue Pea, Roselle and Mexican Tarragon as well as Pesto made with laksa leaves, mixed basil all grown in Singapore urban farms.


The artist Mamakan will be sharing the inspiration behind her art, through the story of Nathaniel Wallich, a pioneer naturalist from the early colonial days of South and Southeast Asia.


Citizen Farm by Edible Garden City will also be sharing a behind the scenes distillation process to produce organic essential oils from herbs grown on their farm.


Brunch Bandits, Edible Garden City and Mamakan


Mamakan and Edible Garden City at Funan Slow & Green Singapore.jpg

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