Holistic Visions Symposium 2018

Le Ciel Foundation, December 2, 2018

The poem 'A Beautiful Forest', the inspiration for Mycelium Dinners opening ceremonies,  was inspired by the Holistic Visions Symposium. 


In November 2018, Le Ciel Foundation hosted the first Holistic Visions Symposium in Barcelona, Spain. This unique event is founded on the understanding that:


  • The current issues humanity is facing are deeply interconnected, and concrete solutions cannot be found without addressing all of them together.
  • Finding solutions that will trigger a global paradigm shift need to be purpose-driven and integrate a set of values and principles that come from a space of mindfulness, connection to Nature as well as our true nature directly inspired from the teachings of Wisdom Traditions
  • A global shift cannot be achieved through individual actions alone. Collective actions, collective intelligence and collective empowerment are crucial in catalyzing such a transformation.


The Symposium brings together 144 innovators, investors and influencers from over 40 countries, who together, are addressing the fundamental tenets of a more advanced, balanced and ecologically-minded society. All of this, within a spiritual framework created by many Elders, including those from The Council of Twelve and Above.


Organized around 13 solution-oriented workshops, the event unites the right people to imagine, finance and set in motion innovative and interconnected solutions to some of humanity and Nature’s greatest challenges.


The 2018 Symposium was the start of the journey. Participants continue to work together over the coming years as part of the Holistic Visions Quest.


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