Trending: Asia's Innovation Culture

Banyan Tree Luxury Hotel and Resorts, August 28, 2013

We are pround to announce that Mette Kristine Oustrup will speak at the annual General Managers' Operational Review. The topic is Trending: Asia's Innovation Culture.



The search is on for a new Asian Business Culture that can harness lessons from the West, while remaining grounded in Asian heritage and values.


As Asia continues the march towards growth, influence, and prosperity, power is also shifting to the region. The 21st century is projected to be the “Asian Century” as the impact of Asian politics, business, consumption and culture gathers strength.


Barely on the radar screens of the global media even a year ago, a strong and rapidly growing group of Asian businesses are using design, branding and human creative talent as their future growth engines. Western MNCs are also beginning to place more strategic R&D and Design Centres in Asia, under the banner of “designed in Asia for Asia.”


With power comes responsibility.


Business leaders in Asia will need to redefine their leadership style to manage cost-efficient production systems while paving the way for a new culture and mindset of innovation. Knowledge workers in Asia will need to increase their appetite for risk-taking to allow more disruptive ideas to emerge, while balancing the ideas with holistic thinking and an emphasis on harmony in the workplace.


This talk will explore how Banyan Tree could be gaining ground in the high stakes, global competition to win the best business culture race of the 21st century.


Key topics:

  • Overview and Trending: Insight into the key components of cultural capital
  • Risk-aversion in the company culture: Strategies for creating the right shifts in mindset & behaviour
  • Growing rapidly: maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit while staying true to your brand.
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