TEDxTaipei: Big Hopes for the Next Decade

Jason Hsu, Kevin Peng, TEDxTaipei, January 15, 2011

We bring together TEDx curators and organizers from nine cities in the region including Tokyo (Todd Porter, Patrick Newell, Oyura Aoki), Shanghai (Richard Hsu, Wen Wen), Beijing (James Flanagan), Jakarta (Arief Aziz, Benson Engelbert), Kualu Lumpur (Daniel Cerventus), Bangkok (James Dejsuphong), Seoul (Hahn Ryu, Minkyo Kim) and Singapore (David Lim, Richard Korff, Devang Asher and Mette Kristine Oustrup from Qi Global).


We stand at the cusp of the next decade, our collective fates intertwined in ways completely unimaginable in years past.


Headlines remind us of things gone awry. It appears that our future looms before us, that we are ruining everything we touch and bringing about the extinction of our own kind.

And yet, against this apocalyptic background are a whole host of new ideas, innovations, and processes that defy dogma. We call them HOPES. They represent what our future could look like by applying the tools we already know.



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