First Session for the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses (PEAS)

Mamakan Studio, April 10, 2020

"Thank you for today's experience! It was a truly inspirational happening and a nice distraction from the situation nowadays." - Rita Herban

In the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, our panellists of the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses (PEAS) got together to experience and discuss the emotions and senses for some of the latest botanical artworks from our studio. The panellists represent a wide spectre of creative expression including Theatre, Photography, Gastronomy, Art History and Spiritual Well-being. They are well-traveled and come from France, Italy, New Zealand, The Netherlands, California and the Maldives. Watch a snapshot of our dialogue below.

The panellists exploring emotions and senses around "Kohekohe Love"


A warm thank you to the panellists at this session (from top left): Antonella Scarabelli (Lead), Marrije Wesseling (Studio Manager), Rita Herban, Aimee Magne, Geneviève Flaven, Ana Sevilla Perez, Lise Baker and Jenefer Espero. Would you like to join our Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses? We'd love to have a chat, just contact us.

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