Ana Sevilla Perez joins the Mamakan Studio Team

Mamakan Studio, February 7, 2020

We're delighted to announce that Ana Sevilla Perez will join the studio team as our art curator and historian.


Ana will curate the studio's art content and research the history and traditional uses of the different botanicals used for the artwork constellations. She collaborates with the studio team and the members of the Panel for Emotions, Arts and Senses on curating the collection and creating immersive art experiences online. 


During the last year of high school, Ana fell in love with art history. Her teacher´s contagious passion led her to choose it as her major in college. When she graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, her love for art was still growing. She had a much deeper understanding and respect for it than before. 


After university she specialized in curating art exhibitions. Although this taught her about the procedural, legal and economic side of art, it also confirmed that this area was not to become her path. She was much more interested in the creative process, the philosophical background, and the social impact. She was interested in everything that is not measurable about art. 


With this in mind, Ana started collaborating with an association that facilitated the space and materials for handicapped artists to create. This opened a huge door for her. It introduced her to “outsider” art — the art made by people without any formal artistic studies or economic interests, art made only for their own pleasure and expressive needs. This type of artistic environment gave her a chance to learn more about the creative process and how our instinct has the power to express itself through paint and paper, video or a set of drums. Also, it taught her about the healing power of art. At the same time, she worked as a guide for school children in many of Madrid´s most famous museums, including Museo del Prado and Museo Reina Sofia. 


Many years and moves around the world later, Ana started taking classes on Intuitive Painting. This brought her back to the source, back to where art first originates within ourselves, back to the place where creativity runs wild and free.


She hopes one day to create a space where she can share this with the community. In the meantime she continues looking for ways to nurture her relationship with art. 

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