Antonella Scarabelli joins the Mamakan Studio Team

Mamakan Studio, February 4, 2020

We're very happy to announce that Antonella Scarabelli will join the studio team as our Researcher for the Emotions, Arts and Senses Panel (PEAS).


Antonella will conduct sensory and emotional research panels to help create a sensorial language around the botanical art collections, and engage people with experiencing art in an immersive way online.


Antonella was born, grew up, and studied in Bologna, Italy. Bologna is a "European Capital of Culture" where music has an extraordinarily strong heritage, and art and design are intrinsically built into the day-to-day life. In that setting, Antonella earned an MSc in Agriculture Science specializing in Aromatic plants and their essential oil extraction. 


Her formative years took her on the engaging journey into Smell, Fragrances, Aromas, and Essences, starting in the Netherlands. She became a flavourist, learning how to combine the analytical rigor of science with the flair and creativity of art. The deep-dive into smell and taste had opened all of Antonella's senses making her want to understand more about sensory perceptions and human behavior.

After studying Sensory science and consumer understanding at the UC Davis University, she had the opportunity to work with many diverse cross-country teams, researching sensory data and consumer insights. She processed and integrated her research into product development, helping food, beverage, and household brands deliver superior consumer experiences. 


More than 20 years in the corporate world and living in many different countries across different continents, made Antonella feel the need to go back to a calmer, healthier, and sustainable life, closer to nature and the core. She has recently relocated to the Netherlands to live in a woodland village. There she works as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, developing nourishing food and passionately embarking on a discovery of the ancient art of fermentation.


She is currently working on the development of Art&Soul, an art gallery space that also hosts wellness activities (yoga, reiki, fermenting food, and naturopathic courses). The purpose of this space is to enrich people's lives through different events aiming to touch feelings, sensations, thoughts, and imagination. 


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