Good reviews of the first 'Season's of the Land' pop-up

Mamakan, November 25, 2020
We live locally and are gradually getting to know our flora and fauna. It was fascinating to discover that some parts of plants are edible and then be able to try them so lovingly prepared. We enjoyed the rimu kombucha and the pickled mamaku to name just two. Inspirational and timely. - Ange & Greg
What a delightful experience I had on Sunday morning. Mamakan invited us into a sensory botanical walk with a passion and respect for our native flora, and a generosity of spirit and knowledge. We smelled, tasted, felt and appreciated New Zealand natives in their subtlety and potency - noticing the offerings that are so easy to miss. I came away touched and inspired to go out into my own garden and forest to smell, taste and feel the abundant nature right under my feet, in a way different from what I’ve done before. I can’t wait to pickle, dry, ferment and infuse leaves and stems, to watch for subtle seasonal changes, see colour emerge from the green, and to walk more in the forests fully, sensorially awake. Sampling Mamakan’s delicious syrups, fermentations and delicacies made from native plants and paging through a selection of gorgeous books (contemporary Maori culinary arts, NZ fairytales, botanicals, edible plants) rounded off the morning. And all against the backdrop of a wall size digital projection of her breathtaking rendition of the Rengarenga plant. It was an installation, an experience, an education all in one hour. Thank you, with a deep bow. - Victoria Camplin-Welch

Amazing edible plant tours. - @te_uru_gallery.




You made me change the way I look at native trees and flowers. - Sarah Jang, Florist, Sarahs Garden 

사라의 정원

My partner and I went to "Seasons of the land" at the Arataki visitors centre during the open studios waitākere weekend. We absolutely loved it! It was really fun and informative. Mamakan is really passionate about what she does and everyone was made to feel welcome. We left feeling inspired to learn more about our native plants and trees in Aotearoa. I highly recommend going to any of  Mamakan's event's. - Kimberly Kingi


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