Premiere: When We are One

Mamakan Studio, April 2, 2020

Launch of the 'When We are One' artwork.

“Be Earth as’t will; ourselves, we can declare

All Earth is good that we may look upon;

All blemishes that seemed to be, are gone,

For in the fulness of the glory there,

Each little sorrow hides a joy most rare,

When we are one”.

J.C. Andersen

Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) is a small tree endemic to Aotearoa/New Zealand. Its red branches create a heart connection between the sky and the sea. The symbolic power of the plant is the link from birth to passing, reflecting how a family and community move forward in oneness.


In this artwork, the movement of the water changes from highly active to almost still, flexing the heart shaped leaves in a myriad of directions.


'When We are One' video by Mamakan 


Kawakawa is known to be a wonderful aid to circulation, for anyone who suffers from a cold heart, hands or feet. Sadly, it is often ignored...


In 1903 the poet Johannes C. Andersen published his first poetry collection in Christchurch, New Zealand. He named his book ‘Songs Unsung’. For many years nobody would ‘sing’ Andersen’s poem. His creations went unseen and unsung. Until 2020. 



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