For the Love of Botanical

By Sandra Morris, Botanical Art Society of New Zealand , Aotearoa Artist Magazine , June 1, 2021

For me and many others, one of the star attractions was Mamakan's 'Slægtskab' - multi-sensory media: video, fragrance, cocktail. bark and mussel shell.


Slægtskab - a Danish word meaning ancestral relationship and connectedness - is inspired by a Maori legend called 'The Whale and the Kauri". Her artwork was a multi-sensory presentation including a video of kauri and also a fragrance created with an oil infused with kauri resin, to be applied to the ope of the hand or below the wrist.


There was a cocktail made from a mild ferment infusion made from Kauri cones, added to ice and soda water (or champagne) to create a cocktail celebrating the wisdom and longevity of the Kauri. Plus Kauri bark was placed together with mussel shells for a sensorial immersion into the idea of connectedness between the forest and the sea.


Mamakan was present and was very good at explaining all about her work to the people during the opening. The cocktail was interesting!




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