Creative Mornings at Singapore Art Museum

Creative Mornings, April 13, 2016

Mamakan (aka Mette Kristine Oustrup), Creative Director of Business

Innovation Culture and Goodwill Ambassador of Copenhagen.


What did you have for breakfast today?
We eat early, normally around 6:30. I had homemade yoghurt with
muesli, some fresh homemade made bread with cheese together
with fruit juice and earl grey tea.

I'm on a 6 month maternity leave at the moment, so I am taking
my daughter home for her e-­learning and then join my husband for
a romantic lunch. Before my leave, I worked with my company,
Business Innovation Culture (BIC), on open innovation models for
midsize and large companies. After the leave, who knows? I'm
open for new adventures and would also love to pursue my love for
conceptual art on a more professional level.


Why do you come to Creative Mornings?
A Creative Morning is like a vitamin pill. Maybe not essential, but
you feel so much better when you go!


What are your key takeaways from today's talk?
Mas Shafreen (Band of Doodlers) is such a power cracker and at
the end of the talk, my entire family became his new band
members. His White Space Bandits is a cool movement and so

needed in Singapore with its openness, fun and a hint of "anti-


What does creative mean to you?
Creativity can be applied to anyone. It’s not just for the creative
folks. It’s tenacity, something you keep pushing at to be constantly
challenged to better yourself or your work.
Creativity is at the core of what makes us human. Ask yourself
this... Technology can do pretty much anything in the world, even
play chess better than any human being, but can technology be
truly creative?



The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) advocates and presents contemporary art practices of Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. Housed in a restored 19th century mission school, SAM has amassed one of the world's largest public collections of modern and contemporary Southeast Asian artworks. With Singapore becoming a global city for the arts, SAM's international networks bring about a confluence of ideas, and create a dynamic arts scene invigorated by international flows of ideas, talents, knowledge and resources. Through the Museum's exhibition programmes as well as its education and public programmes which cover a diversity of art trends and practices, fringe activities and public lectures, SAM promotes awareness and appreciation of contemporary art and encourages the growth of an active and stimulating cultural environment in Singapore.

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