Women in Art launches in Singapore

Elaine Friedlander, Nuwa, March 1, 2018

Women in Art is an independent group of women who work or play in the Singapore art sector; we are artists, art professionals and patrons of art.

We support each other in our individual endeavours, share business, news and artistic advice. Our community has led to exciting collaborations between fashion designers and opera singers, illustrators and authors, and more. These connections are essential to foster a creative entrepreneurial art scene from the ground up. More than that, we want to make sure the arts are equitable, where women are empowered to play an active role in shaping and co-leading the future of our industry and our society.


Our Structure

Women in Arts is a voluntary group, with a steering group committee comprised of female founders from the Singapore art sector. It is part of, and administered by Nuwa.

In the Women in Art (WIA) community we value each other equally, whether a Director of a theatre or gallery, art student, Singaporean, expatriate, young or old. Everyone is given ‘the floor’ and an opportunity to share their unique viewpoint or skills. Our inaugural networking event Bloom, on International Women’s Day 2018, was designed to do this. Every woman attending had their moment to be heard and to build genuine relationships with other creative women.


The Women in Art Committee

Women in Art was initiated in early 2018 by Nuwa Founder Elaine Friedlander and established with fellow female founders and artists: visual artist Mamakan, illustrator and art educator Julie Lee, founder Music and Makan Beverly Hiong, visual artist Cecile Spirit, illustrator and founder Arts Positive Debasmita Dasgupta, founder Canvass Life, yoga instructor and art therapist Jolie Michelle Ow. New committee members have since joined: lecturer and board member for Poetry.sg Michelle Loh and founder of Creative Arts Social Sam Allen. 


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