Trendsetters: Mette Kristine Oustrup

JC Report, March 17, 2010



DATE: March 17, 2010

DOES: Co-Founder of Qi GLOBAL and Goodwill Ambassador of Copenhagen

WHERE: Singapore

Mette Kristine Oustrup has worked with fashion and trends from St. Martins in Denmark over to DIESEL in Hong Kong and trend agency Style-Vision in the South of France, all while secretly longing to work in politics, charity, social and environmental change. Today, she has combined her experience and passions in Qi, a social enterprise using events, media and retail to support 'human progress in harmony with nature'.


Currently looking for great speakers for Qi GLOBAL 2010 — to be held in Singapore from October 6-9th — Oustrup’s event will focus on themes ranging from women’s empowerment to sustainable fashion and design. On the Qi retail side, Oustrup is always open for collaborations with fashion designers wanting to do something deeper, longer-lasting and more meaningful than just being the latest trendsetter.  


What’s hot now?
A business leader who admits to having self-doubts instead of endless CEO-style self-confidence. A fashion designer who teaches Bangladeshi textile workers how to read and write. An advertising executive who does not wear black. An urban driller who grows her own herbs and vegetables and brings homemade jam to the office. Movies that make you cry and laugh. Making love like there is no tomorrow.


What is your favorite store in London?
Eco-Age is a shop for sustainable design that’s a step up from the original green or tree-hugger style store. Allessandro and Nicola Giuggioli, the two handsome brothers who run the store, know how to charm ladies and find beautiful products with social and environmental credentials. It’s a must, if you are in London!


What’s a must have item for women this spring/summer?
The Escama bag named “Fransisca” in gold color. Each bag is made of 500 ring pulls from recycled aluminum cans, collected and assembled by a women’s cooperative in Brazil. Each lady personally signs her work, so you can trace her story online and even sent her an email to say thank you for the great work. This bag is seriously hot, it gets lots of compliments around town plus it’s a good talking point.


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