Jenefer Espero Marcos

Botanist chef at Soneva Maldives

Jenefer was born in The Philippines and initially trained in Computer Technology, working in customer service and training at Mikko's School Supply and Novelties.


Not long after, she took up her passion for food preparation, cooking and baking, and completed her professional training at International Cooking.


She moved to Singapore in 2011 and started working as a Home Chef, preparing delicious, healthy and beautiful food and managing household staff for several families.


Her creativity sparked as she moved into menu planning and purchasing for special events, working as a head chef in collaboration with Mamakan. Some of her creations have been featured during Mamakan’s art exhibitions for the Singapore Biennale 2016 and at the National Museum of Singapore in 2017, to reviews of praise from the audiences, as well as being featured in the media.


Jenefer is an expert on Southeast Asian edible herbs, fruits and plants and is very creative in finding new and sustainable ways of making interesting culinary experiences. She has invented new kinds of foods, such as Laksa Pesto, Belimbing Vinegar and Sourdough Spicy Tapas. 


From 2018, she’s performing her magic as the Botanist chef at Soneva Maldives, a luxury sustainable private island retreat, where guests can reconnect with nature. Jenefer conducts guest tours of the herbs and vegetable gardens, immersing people in the flavours, smells and tastes of the retreat’s gastronomy. She cooks daily a la carte menus and heads the restaurant staff.


Jenefer is a member of the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses at Mamakan Studio and enjoys creating new sensory experiences based on the connection of art and food.