Invisible Realities: The Performance Theatre, National Museum of Singapore


Invited by Xyntéo, a sustainability advisory company headquartered in Oslo, Mamakan was asked to create an art/food experience for The Performance Theatre, an annual meeting of thinkers, influencers and doers, united by a shared commitment to reinventing our growth model.


Held in a different city each year, it provides a 36-hour space for leaders to learn, explore, reflect and question accepted wisdom. In 2017, TPT was held in Singapore on June 16-17.


The theme for 2017 was “Invisible Realities”


Across the world, there is a mounting sense of deep estrangement in many quarters – between citizen and leader, work and purpose, and even from ourselves. How do we connect to those who we struggle to see, let alone understand?

Mamakan was commissioned to host an interactive performance including a personal guide to her "Treasure Island" installation with a foraging tour, followed by a bespoke, private dinner experience with dishes created from the foraging. 

Installation Views