Launching the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses (PEAS)

Mamakan Studio, March 19, 2020
How it started


We  asked some of our trusted friends and family members for feedback on the first Mamakan Studio collection in February, 2020. Eight of our friends and family members shared their first impressions and joined us in creating the look and feel of our first online immersive art experiences. They shared some great suggestions for the curation of our crafted collection. A heartfelt thank you to them, we love you!


Creating a new language


Now, we're setting up a panel to create a new language around the botanical artworks. People engage with stories. And create their own stories when they experience art. Sharing stories is at the heart of human nature. We've discovered that the language around botanical art is often very scientific and factual. While we highly respect the tradition and history of botanical art, and see our work as a contemporary version, it made us wonder. Will botanical drawings inspire people to reconnect with nature? 


To experience a deep personal connection with art, we believe an emotional and sensorial spark is important. We’d like to capture that spark in the stories of the beautiful botanicals that inspire our daily practice, and create immersive virtual art experiences for you to explore and enjoy. Based on our belief in co-creation and collaboration, and rooted in our background in customer experience, design thinking and mood consumption, we were inspired to launch this panel.


Purpose of the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses (PEAS)


The Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses supports the discovery of botanicals by sharing experiences around the artworks. Panallists provide input on emotions, art and senses. With this input, botanical art stories are created (video, text, images, soundscapes) by the studio and its collaborators (art historians, botanists, musicians, chefs and others). These stories will also feature uses of the botanicals, their history and art lineage, and the myths surrounding them.


Panel conversations


With the Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses, we are bringing together a wonderful, diverse group of people. The first panel conversations will be held at the beginning of April, 2020. In the conversation we’ll ask for verbal input on the emotional, artistic and sensorial language around different botanical artwork constellations. The meetings will be interactive and experiential. Panellists will get an exclusive and insiders look into the studio's creative processes.


The panel conversations will be led by Antonella, who has extensive experience with sensory and emotional experience dialogues. Marrije will moderate the panel. While the first group will be invited personally and confidentially, we'll be extending our panel by June 2020. Have a look at the personal invitation (see pdf). Would you like to join our Panel for Emotions, Art and Senses? We'd love to have a chat: contact

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