Marrije Wesseling

Experience Lead

Marrije is Dutch-born with a heritage of seafarers and explorers. 


As a child, she was immersed in the sounds, smells and tastes of Middle Eastern, African and Caribbean food. Her love for discovering new cultures and native art, such as Hopi craft and Haida carvings, later blossomed from those early experiences. 


Marrije has travelled to most corners of the world and is inspired by the connection between people and nature in art, and in life. In her twenties she became interested in contemporary art, inspired by expositions at Mendini’s Groninger Museum, exploring further while being on city trips with her friends in London, Paris, Madrid, Boston and Stockholm (and her favorite museum, Fotografiska). She loves the work of David LaChapelle, Frank Gehry, Natan Dvir, Erwin Olaf, Jaime Hayon, Bjarke Ingels, Richard Estes and Zaha Hadid.


She’s excited by exploration and learns about transformation through discovering nature’s patterns of renewal, restoration and re-connection. She integrates these valuable experiences in the solutions she designs and implements for clients.


Marrije developed her business skills by becoming a trusted partner to entrepreneurs. She helped create and realize their marketing and organizational plans as a banker, both in account and advisory roles, later moving on to leading project teams.


She used to live the corporate life, innovating financial management and customer services. Like many, she found herself struggling with relevance, energy and purpose. 

In 2016 she decided to change course by launching her own consultancy, NOMAD. The agency generates and implements strategies for start-ups and mature businesses, aimed at innovating their services, driving their customer loyalty and revenue growth.


Her life since then has become somewhat of a nomad’s. A trip to New Zealand in 2019 after her loving mum passed away, made her fall in love with the beautiful nature, the community and the sense of pioneering opportunity.


This trip became a stepping stone. In 2020, Marrije embarked on a new, exciting journey: to work remotely for her Dutch clients and to support the launch of Mamakan Studio, while living and working in between New Zealand and The Netherlands.


She co-launched the studio, creating virtual art experiences, with a diverse group of co-creators. Marrije is currently collaborating with the studio community and potential partners on supporting the purpose of the studio and developing its impact.


Marrije has an MsC degree in Business Strategy (Marketing and Organizational Development) and holds masters degrees in Retail Marketing, Lean Six Sigma Change and Customer Experience Management.


Marrije’s up for a good coffee anytime, loves rock music,

Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott movies, new vineyards and wholesome food!