Mamakan Pop-Up | Art, Food and Foraging : Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Titirangi


On May 16th, Mamakan was invited to create a pop-up art + food evening hosted by Iona Matheson and Chloe Geoghegan from Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.


The menu of the evening was inspired by a new installation by Mamakan called 'Slægtskab' and a recent collaboration with chef Giulio Sturla.


The pop-up had several interactive elements around the notion of rootedness and a sense of belonging. Art, food and storytelling flowed seamlessly creating another new frontier of multi sensory art.


"The whole concept was a completely new experience, the introduction with canapés before going outside foraging......followed by the dramatic presentation in the studio was breathtaking!. The lighting, plus the arrangements allowed a slow realisation to the magnificent selection of beautifully presented dishes. I was blown away!" Larrie


"The Kauri Cocktails seemed to really hit home for me. There was something about seeing the little cones floating in the drink that was quite magical. I'm certainly looking at my kauri trees differently now"Jonathan M 





Kanuka Tea with Titirangi Honey
Kawakawa Vegan Butter on Rice Crackers 
Karaka Nut Hummus on Kumera Bread 
Kauri Champagne Cocktail 
Pickled Mamaku Fern with Cucumber and Green Chili on Mussels 
Mamaku Fern Rice Pops
Seasonal Mushrooms with Grilled Mullet and fresh Hangehange Leaves
Manuka Kombucha - ‘Manukabucha’ with Manuka Flowers 
Kawakawa Truffles with Dark Chocolate or Coconut
Hinau Chocolate Cake
Danish Butter Cookies with Karaka Fruit 


"I was moved by your facts about the Viking people and the need to defend themselves. There has been more harm done in the name of religion in this world that can be said. And I loved learning about the Whales and trees communicating with one another...fascinating thinking about that. I love the innate intelligence life has in its different forms...remarkable...makes me want to know more!" Tom K.


Photos by Jacob Hamilton.

Installation Views