Geneviève Flaven

Writer, Theatre Director, Actress and Producer

In 2015, a passionate team, driven by Geneviève Flaven, the author, director and producer of the play "99 women" built a dazzling, dramatic creation, combining theatre, choreography, music and photography. Three performances took place in Shanghai in October 2015, where 99 actresses gathered. They were Chinese, French, Iranian, African, Italian… all shared their destiny for a while, and aimed to celebrate “being a woman” in their singular way.


Not only did the play find its audience; it was also praised as a high quality production, a “touching performance”, “a dynamic and skillful creation process” and most of all “a very innovative play”, “cultural, non-business driven and focused on humanity”.


Geneviève was born in 1969 in Paris and educated in Economics (ESSEC) and Econometrics (EHESS). In 2001, she co-founded Style-Vision, a trend and design consulting agency in Nice, France. Style-Vision has since delivered more than 350 innovation projects for worldwide enterprising groups in Europe and Asia, from Toyota to Zara.


Geneviève moved to Shanghai in 2010, where she later set up the "99 project", and today designs and leads theater projects around the world since moving back to Europe in 2019. The 99 project is a collaborative theater project designed by Geneviève Flaven to sparkle and spread cultural change within large communities.