Helle Cecilie Max Hansen

Interior Design Stylist

Helle Cecilie Max Hansen was born and grew up in Denmark surrounded by the stunning nature of a fjord. Fascinated by the beautiful local Scandinavian flora from a young age, she loved learning about botanicals, she foraged the woods and fished the seas.


She also spent much time in her uncle's art studio in the middle of a forest in Denmark, having long conversations about life and his predominantly abstract art and techniques - developing an eye and love for art in general.


Helle Cecilie speaks four languages fluently and has lived and worked in France, Germany, Hong Kong. She currently lives in London. She has worked in the fashion industry, the tech industry and currently freelances in interior design styling for photo shoots. She loves cooking for friends and family and frequently invents new dishes.

"I have travelled the world extensively, and no matter where in the world I find myself, nature, trees, plants and the sea keep me grounded and balanced. I continue my love of learning about botanicals and I must sense nature in some form every day. I have known and followed Mamakan for a long time. Her art brings all that into ones home - it makes me happy and gives me a peaceful, reflective feeling."