Angelique Meyer

Curator and Culture Guide

Angelique is a New Zealander, born in Wellington. Her parents were German immigrants and she grew up fascinated by the arts, fashion and the wide, wide world we live in.


Living in London in her early 20s got her involved with the Ceroc dance scene and she ended up opening Auckland’s first Ceroc Dance Studio. That venture grew into a nationwide business with 29 branches, until she decided to re-focus my energies away from business meetings and trouble-shooting.


Since then she has been lucky to travel to many great cities. She has made Auckland her home and it has changed greatly over that time. She tend to gravitate to neighbourhoods where the arts are prominent and the shopping is inspirational. These days she is married with adult children and have created Culture Hound Tours to share her love of Auckland’s hidden treasures. Whatever your passion, let's follow it. Kia kaha (stay strong).