Victoria Camplin-Welch

‘Invitations to Presence’

Victoria’s growing years in the wilds of South Africa instilled in her a great affinity for nature and animals, and a love of stillness. Her early wilderness immersion became the foundation for her life-long enquiry into the dancing, spiralling processes of our inner worlds and our relationship with Nature. A decades-long meditation practice started in her teens was, and still is, a constant thread through all her pursuits.


After a stint in teaching, Victoria worked as a clinical psychologist, both in South Africa and then in New Zealand, deepening her work from ‘story’ into the body, and later through the chi fields as a cranio-sacral therapist and chi kung teacher. Through a dedicated enquiry into Presence and the senses she became more and more persuaded that the still spaces are where the treasure lies. 


After living and walking for the past 18 years in the forests of West Auckland, the forest has become teacher and guide, and a reminder of how journeying into the inner and outer landscapes through uninhabited pathways, is the real adventure. To this end she is developing walks and a practice in ‘nature bathing’ and chi kung with the trees as a way for others to connect to nature through her “Invitations to Presence”.


Victoria also has a natural love and appreciation for art and design; she co-curated an interior design space as a creative outlet during her psychology practice in South Africa. In recent years she is enjoying other creative pursuits which include writing and scripting for, and creating media productions with people across over 40 cultures. 


Victoria is delighted to join Mamakan’s Panel for Emotions, Arts and Senses.