Avalyn Lim

Peranakan Adventurer

Avalyn is a late-blooming adventurer. Born in New Zealand, she lived most of her life in Singapore with small pockets of time in Penang and Montreal. 


Having grown up in a family with Peranakan roots, richly-spiced food, color, texture and scent have formed a large part of her environment. She also has a love of languages and artefacts which accounts for her ever-growing collection of bowls, carvings, and jewellery from her travels with her family.


The Arts have been in the background of her childhood - her mother was a prize-winning artist in her youth and Avalyn and her sister were encouraged to draw, paint, write and perform. Avalyn’s craft is in the written word and dramatic arts.


Professionally, Avalyn’s trained and worked as a lawyer, but she disliked legal work enough to leave it behind after a few years. She then spent the next 15 years in public relations, marketing, sales and consulting in a variety of industries including financial services, timber genetics, jade jewellery and skincare. 


More recently, she found her real passion in coaching - working with people to raise their awareness of themselves, their beliefs and behaviours through the use of metaphors, visualisation and energy work.  


She returned to New Zealand in 2020 and lives in Titirangi in the Waitakere ranges, with her husband Dany, and her three children.