Rita Herban

Spiritual Explorer

During the last decade Rita has re-discovered her passion for spiritual practices. She has been studying energy healing modalities like Reiki combined with crystal works. She has also been also deepening her knowledge in the world of Tarot and pendulum dowsing. Always busy developing her spiritual website where she blogs about everyday wonders. 


Rita, born and raised in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, would call herself a city girl. But she also has very fond memories of spending summers and winters at her grants’ farm on the countryside. Those experiences shaped how she looks at nature and its magical ways.


After graduating college with a major in tourism Rita decided to take a step on a path in real-estate development. She has recently started to work for an IT company to open new dimensions in her career. In 2008, she moved with her family to The Netherlands, where they have been living since. 

"I feel honoured to be part of the sensory panel team of Mamakan Studio and contribute to the flourishing of the beautiful botanical art collection." - Rita Herban