Aimee Magne


Aimee is a New Zealand photographer with a passion for botanical food, organics and Scandinavian design. The latter she attributes to the 6 years she lived abroad in Sweden with her now husband.


Aimee grew up between the beach town of Mount Maunganui and on a small farm in rural Tauranga, New Zealand. Nature has always played a fundamental role in her life.  


“Whether it is the rolling waves of the ocean on a windy day, or the green bush of Titirangi - nature always instills a sense of calm in me.” 


Whilst living in Stockholm, Sweden, Aimee discovered a love of plant based food in its purest form. In pursuit of her passion, in 2013 she attended a plant based culinary school in Los Angeles before returning to New Zealand.  Since then she has worked as a food stylist and photographer for a number of organic and plant based brands as well as on editorial and cook book projects.  


Aimee currently lives in Titirangi, Auckland, with Fredrik, and her daughter Astrid.